Introducing my new YouTube channel – I Can. I Will. Empowering people to be their best

I am absolutely thrilled to announce to launch of my new YouTube channel – I Can. I Will. Empowering people to be their best.

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a YouTube channel for a good couple of months now but it’s was a frightening prospect – would I come across badly? What would I look like on camera? Would the videos actually be interesting for other people to watch?

In the end, I had to put my insecurities aside and just take the plunge – and I’m so glad I have. The reception on social media to my first few videos has been amazing and I can’t wait to share a new video every week with you!

Is I Can. I Will. the channel for me?

Are you facing adversity in your life? Unsure of your next move? Feeling like the world is against you? Then I Can. I Will. is undoubtedly for you.

After contracting polio and being left paralysed aged 5, my life has been far from straight forward. Doctors gave me a 10% chance of living – but not only did I live. I thrived.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and motivational speaker. But I’m also disabled. And I feel passionately that disabled people shouldn’t surprise you in life – but they probably will.

I created my channel to empower people to be their best – to show them that there are no limits to their achievements.

I Can. I Will. is the place to come for positivity, inspiration and motivation – no matter what obstacles you are facing in your life.

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Watch my first few videos

Here you can explore my first few videos – be sure to give them a thumbs up and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

What would you like to see me discuss on my channel? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below.

Keep in touch

Don’t forget that you can read more about my experiences of surviving disability, abuse and racism in my best-selling book, I Can, I Will.

I love the opportunity to spread my message of the power of a positive mindset. Therefore if you would like me to speak at your event you can also contact me here.

And lastly, you can keep in touch with me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. Thanks for reading!

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