3 benefits of disabled access reviews

Disabled access reviews come with a whole host of benefits for not only disabled people but their family, friends and carers.
Disabled people should be able to leave the house and not worry about whether the venues they come into contact with have the potential to ruin their day.
But what exactly are the three key benefits of promoting disabled access reviews? Read on to find out more. 1. They reduce access anxiety  Unfortunately, many disabled people will know that even if a venue advertises itself as having disabled access, often the reality is far from what’s advertised.
This results in a great deal of access anxiety for disabled people – who want to be able to plan a day out without dread and fear of the unknown at the pit of their stomach.
Disabled access reviews are the best way to tackle this by providing honest, impartial venues about the true accessibility of any venue nationwide.
They’re not biased and are written by real people about their real-life experiences.
2. It’s important to have a rating system that is recognised nationwide 
Access Rating is a brand new app that I’ve co-founded that allows users to submit a disability access review in a mere 30 seconds.
It’s quick, simple and easy to use but most importantly, it gives disabled people and their family members, friends and carers access to a database of over 240,000 venues that are ranked on their disability access.
This means that you can trust that any venues with Access Rating reviews are consistently being held accountable to the same, universal rating standards.
3. They encourage venue owners to step up
If a venue is given three bad disabled access reviews, Access Rating will contact the venue to ask if they’d like to partake in a disability audit to enable them to improve their accessibility score.
By users regularly reviewing venues on their disabled access,  it holds them accountable and encourages them proactively to change the way they do things.
Help to change the future of disabled access reviews
Access Rating is a brand new social enterprise who are working to revolutionise disabled access reviews around the UK.
Together with your help, we can work to improve the everyday lives of the 7 million people living with disabilities people around the UK.
You don’t need to have a disability to make use of the app – it’s open to both disabled and able-bodied people.
Together, we can make a real, tangible difference. Find out more about Access Rating and our app launch here.
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